Group News | 22-04-2024

The diverse range of aluminum billets from Dinostar Aluminum

Produced from high-quality aluminum ingots on modern, internationally standardized production lines, Dinostar Aluminum Billets possess high uniformity, excellent shaping capability, ensuring long-lasting quality and aesthetics for products extruded from Dinostar Aluminum Billets.

Dinostar Aluminum has the capability to produce all types of alloy billets in series 6000 and series 7000 to serve the diverse needs of customers in various industrial sectors, from construction, transportation to mechanical engineering, electronics, etc. Moreover, Dinostar Aluminum possesses abundant billet supply, ready to deliver to the market, ensuring prompt and effective support for customers.

Below are some prominent types of Dinostar Aluminum Billet alloys:

  • A6063:

Also known as architectural aluminum, products extruded from Dinostar A6063 billets have smooth surfaces and are easily processed through methods such as electrostatic powder coating or anodizing. Dinostar A6063 aluminum billets are applied in various industries, especially in construction and architecture, such as manufacturing aluminum doors, aluminum curtain walls, partitions, aluminum ceilings, door frames, windows, etc., in buildings and constructions.

  • A6061:

A6061 is also one of the versatile aluminum alloys and is preferred for applications requiring strength and tensile strength. Products extruded from Dinostar A6061 Aluminum Billets have excellent corrosion resistance and superior strength, easy to machine. Therefore, Dinostar A6061 aluminum billets are often used in the automotive industry, aerospace, high-speed trains, heavy industries, etc.

  • A6005A:

A6005A aluminum alloy has relatively high levels of Manganese and Chromium compared to other aluminum alloy types. Products extruded from Dinostar A6005A Aluminum Billets have good tensile strength, good extrusion, flexibility, and weldability. Dinostar A6005A aluminum billets are often chosen for extruding aluminum products used in the transportation and construction industries.

  • Series 7000:

The series 7000 aluminum alloy has the highest strength and hardness among aluminum alloy series due to its relatively tight crystal structure. Therefore, Dinostar series 7000 Aluminum Billets are widely used in industries requiring strict standards such as aerospace, tanks and military weapons, production of hang glider frames, ski boots, mountain bike components, sports equipment, etc.

With a diverse portfolio of high-quality aluminum billets, Dinostar Aluminum has affirmed its position as a reliable supplier in the aluminum industry, trusted by leading enterprises in Vietnam. Dinostar Aluminum is always ready to meet customer needs with products that meet high standards of quality and aesthetics. Contact Dinostar Aluminum now to learn more about Dinostar Aluminum Billet products and cooperation opportunities.