In addition to supplying for aluminium extrusion manufacturing of Dinostar Aluminium Factory, Dinostaraluminium billets are supplied to other aluminium extrusion manufacturers. Dinostar aluminium products are highly appreciated with prominent advantages including hardness, durability, anti-corrosion, etc.

Dinostar aluminium factory can supply 6000 and 7000 series billets with various diameter types including 4 inches, 5  inches, 7 inches to the market. The annual production is nearly 40,000 metric tons.

Dinostar Aluminium Factory is currently one of the leading factories in Vietnam with closed producing system from billet casting, aluminium extrusion, powder coating to finished products, which are high quality Dinostar shaped aluminium profiles. Further more, Ngoc Diep’s aluminium billets always meet customers’ demand with various aluminium series.