Achievements | 08-09-2021

Ngoc Diep Group continued to become Vietnam National brand

National Brand’s certificate and image – Ngoc Diep Group

On behalf of Ngoc Diep Group, Mr. Tran HuuQuan, the Deputy Director, received Vietnam Value 2018 certificate on 20 December, 2018. The award ceremonywas held in Hanoi Opera Theatre and was live broadcasted on Vietnam Television.

Mr. Tran HuuQuan, Ngoc Diep Group’s Deputy Director received Vietnam Value 2018’s cup

Before the ceremony, Ngoc Diep’s representative had met 96 other companies gaining Vietnam Value award this year, and reported to Nguyen XuanPhuc, Prime Minister at Vietnam Government Office.

Vietnam Value is the only program implemented by Vỉetnam’s Governmenttwice a year with the target of advertising the national image and national brand via products brands (including goods and services brands). The Award Ceremony 2018 is the 6th time that Vietnam Value Program has selected the businesses whose products achieve Vietnam Value. This is a large event attracting enterprises and community’s attention.

In order to reachVietnam Value Award, the enterprises have to meet a lot of criterions including: advanced and environmentally friendly technology, protect copyright in Vietnam; intellectual property right protective     registered products brands; trademark building, developing and protecting strategy; selected statistics of consumers, etc.

There had been 1,500 enterprises participating the program in 2018. After the processes of selection, verification, profiles evaluation and field research, on basis of Vietnam Value Committee Member and Minister of Industry and Commerce’s agreement, Vietnam Value Committee’s president recognized the list of 97 enterprises owning Vietnam Value 2018 rewarded products.

In the economic integration situation, in addition to  the chances generating from Free Trade Area Agreements (FTA) which Vietnam has signed and is negotiating with international business partners, Vietnamesebusinesses are also facing plenty of challenges. Vietnam Value Program has lots of practical meaning and effects, supporting enterprises in improving their competitive advantages in domestic and exporting markets.