Group News | 07-04-2021

I choose a green life – I choose DINOSTAR aluminium products

When environmental pollution and epidemic outbreak, “greenization” in various aspects of our life is considered. The campaigns against disposable plastic products or supporting environmentally-friendly material have created positive influences on community and society.

In line with the current “green” lifestyle, Ngoc Diep Group has continually researched, developed and applied new technology to the manufacture in order to supply “green products”, which are environmentally friendly, including the aluminium products with the brand name of DINOSTAR. DINOSTAR aluminium products are largely used in modern architecture, bringing high quality living space to the users.

DINOSTAR aluminium products has experienced the inspection certifying as no-impurities, harmlessness to the environment and safety for users, with RoHS standard, an European strict standard, which requires clean material and restricts using dangerous material in the products to ensure safety for the environment and people’s health. Furthermore, Dinostar aluminium products can be recycled a lot of times and can be reused without quality reduction.

DINOSTAR aluminium of Ngoc Diep Group is an optimal choice, making a considerable contribution to the actualization of the green architecture in the international economic integration nowadays.

Owning the system of agents and distributors spreading across 63 cities and provinces in Vietnam, Ngoc Diep Group is glad to provide good quality products and services to meet customers’ demand.