Group News | 24-10-2023

Dinostar Aluminum honors the beauty of Vinhomes Golden Avenue

Vinhomes Golden Avenue is located in the center of Mong Cai city – the strategic economic gateway between Vietnam and China. Thanks to its favorable geopolitical economic position, Vinhomes Golden Avenue is planned to harmoniously combine the business environment with a classy residential and leisure environment.

With outstanding product quality and brand reputation in providing high quality aluminum solutions for large-scale construction projects, Dinostar Aluminum has been trusted to be used at the Vinhomes Golden Avenue project, contributing to Creating a leading international trade border urban area.

Possessing diverse designs and sophisticated, luxurious lines, Dinostar Aluminum contributes to honoring the architectural styles of the continents in 3 subdivisions of the project: neoclassical architecture in the neighborhood. classy and trendy American-style business in The New York, sophisticated and luxurious French architecture in the cultural and artistic district of The Paris, modern architecture in the Japanese-style shopping and entertainment district of The Tokyo.

Manufactured from high-quality pure ingot aluminum, Dinostar aluminum profiles have outstanding load-bearing capacity, creating door frames of impressive size, providing classy panoramic views, thereby creating a living and business space. ideal business. Thanks to modern electrostatic painting technology, the paint color on the Dinostar aluminum frame will remain fresh regardless of weather conditions, preserving the elegance of Vinhomes Golden Avenue.

Dinostar Aluminum is continuing to conquer many large customers with outstanding projects. Reputable investors such as Vingroup, Masterise Homes, Sun Group, Ecopark, Flamingo Group, BIM Group, Phenikaa Group,… have chosen Dinostar Aluminum for high-class projects such as Vinhomes Ocean Park; Flamingo Cat Ba; Ecopark, The Grand Hanoi, Hilton Hai Phong; Green Bay Ha Long, Phenikaa University,…and many other outstanding projects.





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