Group News | 14-02-2023

3 Perfect criteria of Dinostar aluminum doors

A perfect aluminum door product for the house needs to meet a lot of factors such as quality, structure, design, cost, function, etc. Therefore, homeowners often face many difficulties in choosing products. satisfactory aluminum door products, especially when the building materials market develops with many different brands, models and quality.

Understanding the desire to own quality aluminum doors and suitable for your home, Dinostar Aluminum offers a comprehensive aluminum door solution for each house.

Timeless quality

Dinostar aluminum door products are manufactured from high-grade A-grade aluminum with a pure aluminum content of up to 99.89% and a limited iron content of only about 0.05%, stronger than conventional aluminum. Dinostar’s product lines are compatible with the most advanced accessory systems on the market, ensuring tight and precise tightness. The door surface is coated with durable, non-oxidizing electrostatic paint, and is warranted for up to 30 years in accordance with the characteristics of each type of construction.

Various models, flexible design

Dinostar brand offers a variety of product designs with popular aluminum systems such as ND-55, ND-XF, ND-VP with diverse sizes and thicknesses, up to 2.5mm, capable of meeting meet the requirements of each house. With outstanding structure, Dinostar aluminum door products: revolving doors, swing doors, sliding doors, sliding folding doors, can be combined with many different types of glass for homeowners to choose from, such as box glass, large plate tempered glass, semi-tempered glass, reflective glass, Low-E glass…

Comprehensive usability

Produced on a closed modern line, doors made of Dinostar Aluminum bring superior functionality. Thanks to compatibility with the most optimal accessory system on the market, doors made from Dinostar Aluminum provide high safety in use with water resistance and tightness up to 600 pascals, equivalent to a Category 11 hurricane. Along with that, the airtightness also provides sound insulation against noise up to 33dB, creating a quiet space, separate from the outside space.

Confidently affirming outstanding quality, Dinostar aluminum door products have been trusted by big partners such as Vingroup, Sun Group, BIM Group, Masterise,… such as Vinhomes Ocean Park, Imperia Sky Garden, Green Bay Ha Long, Vinhomes Riverside, Ecopark urban area….




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